4 Reasons To Use An Exhibition Stand At Your Next Exhibition!

Organising an exhibition for the first time? Don't know where to start? What do you need to consider and how can you get the ball rolling? Below are some basic ideas to guide you in some of the areas you might want to start thinking about in preparation for organising an exhibition stand at an event.

A shell scheme is perhaps the most basic type of Exhibition Stands Builders Dubai format - two walls at a right angle, one shorter side wall and one longer "back" wall. All by themselves, they are plain and a little bit boring.

TV Stand Versus Elephantine Home Entertainment Cabinets. Watching your favorite film, catching an on-air concert, getting a laugh out of Comedy Central or serious drama from HBO is all about all-digital sight-and-sound experience...and not old fashioned bulky cabinets associating with the Ozzie & Harriet generation. The design wave of the 21st century is tightly focused on creating sleek, clean and clear designer lines in your living room or entertainment area. Hiding messy cables...keeping accessories discretely to one side...while emphasizing the stunning visual impact of widescreen plasma and LCD TV, along with the sonic richness of stereo surround sound...means reaching for the latest in check here TV exhibition stands possibilities.

Think about it and put yourself in their shoes. Most likely you've attended one of these events as a visitor rather than an exhibitor. It's amazing what fundamental mistakes companies make with their Exhibition Stands Designers. They are so keen to launch into features and specifics, they forget to tell passing buyers what it is that they actually do. Keep it simple stupid!

Try and learn even a few words of the local language. This will help not just communication with clients but will make your overall stay much more pleasant.

Why do you need a phone on your stand? Time on the phone is time away from potential prospects and tells everyone you have better things to do. Make provision for someone to take your calls all day ideally. Or switch the phone on for a few minutes each time you take a break.

Display your company logo, as seen as possible within the booth. Also use the corporate colors to display as much as possible. Try to match the floor with the rest of the display, but it is not necessary. Furthermore, the presence of some media on the display is always a plus. A quick sketch of your product in constant play attracts visitors to your booth.

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